Hidden Forces of Evil: Part 1

Hidden Forces of Evil: Part 1

Chaos (1906), by Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin

I am very troubled with the state of the world in 2019. It seems that on all sides we are encompassed about with chaos. In line with the theme of this blog, I look to the soul for answers. Even though we are experiencing chaotic times, I tend to believe there is an awakening occurring that is unprecedented in modern history. Many more of us know in this day who our enemy is. It is somewhat analogous to the times just after the conclusion of World War I.

In those days, during his regular practice, C.G. Jung began to notice certain stirrings in the collective unconscious of his German patients. 

As early as 1918, I noticed peculiar disturbances in the unconscious of my German patients which could not be ascribed to their personal psychology. Such non-personal phenomena always manifest themselves in dreams as mythological motifs which are also to be found in legends and fairy tales throughout the world. I have called these mythological motifs the archetypes: that is, typical modi in which these collective phenomena are experienced. There was a disturbance of the collective unconscious in every single German case. One can explain these disorders causally, but such an explanation is apt to be inadequate, for it is easier to understand archetypes by their aim than by their causality. The archetypes I had observed expressed primitivity, violence, and cruelty. When I had seen enough of such cases, I turned my attention to the peculiar mental state which was then prevailing in Germany. I could only see a certain depression and a great restlessness, but these did not contradict my suspicion.1

Why would this only be present in Jung’s German patients? For one thing, Germany had just been defeated in the Great War, the first “world war.” The Allies made certain they were humiliated and destroyed. One fact we now know that not many knew in those days: All wars are bankers’ wars. “War is a racket,” as General Smedley D. Butler revealed to us in his 1935 book.2

The British Empire was the most powerful nation in the world prior to 1914. The industrial savvy of Germany was seen as a threat to the economy of Great Britain. The banking cartel, based in London, was, and still is, the wealthiest conglomerate in the world. This kind of wealth means you can control world affairs. Of course, that’s just what they did in the days leading up to World War I. They meant to obliterate Germany, and obliterate them they did. Even though Germany did not start the war, they were forced to pay the costs of all participating nations. This virtually destroyed their industrial base and wrecked their economy. Out-of-control inflation placed the German people in permanent debt. Such a scenario is fertile ground for growing a totalitarian dictatorship. Did the bankers want a German totalitarian state? It is certain they wanted a world war. The profits they made on the first global war simply whetted their desire for more.

Remember that the scriptures tell us, “Love of money is the root of all evil.” Those who would use their immense wealth and power to cause wars that kill millions of people, just so they can destroy another nation’s economy resulting in more wealth for themselves, are certainly the most evil humans on the planet. Of course, wars fought by the Unites States in the past one hundred years are just as bad. The collapse of the Weimar Republic led to the National Socialist Party to step in and take control. The rest is history.

Back to Jung. These rumblings of the collective unconscious, like the tremors prior to an earthquake, or a volcanic eruption, are charged with “primitivity, violence, cruelty: in short, all the powers of darkness.”3 What Jung calls “the uprush of collective forces,”4 can turn “a gentle and reasonable being . . . into a maniac or a savage beast.” When these forces occupy the souls of enough individuals, a mob mentality emerges. Jung was observing these dark forces congeal in the souls of his patients, in their dreams. He recognized the archetypal symbols that would lead to an avalanche of hatred. He claims he didn’t know if there were enough individuals “to make a general explosion inevitable.” We know there were. The archetypes, when in this mode of operation, literally flood an individual’s conscious mind, breaking down all  moral and intellectual barriers, and bringing about all manner of evil. It is simply a matter of the number of souls banded together collectively that will burst the dam. This was the state of things in Europe just prior to Hitler’s rise to power.

We know the richest people in the world like to control things. Did they somehow gain dark knowledge of how to invoke these archetypes, to manipulate world events in such a way that evil forces are brought forth? It is very possible that it was mind-control from an archetypal perspective. It could explain why so many wealthy elites make up clandestine groups who practice ritual magic. Perhaps the esoteric knowledge was passed down to them from their ancestors. Could this be happening in our day? If so, what is our defense against such an onslaught?

This is an interesting tangent. I’ll follow up in subsequent installments.


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