The Coming Age of Imagination

The Coming Age of Imagination

The imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself. -William Blake

There will come a day when mankind will dwell in the world of the imagination. It may not come soon. It may not come to our particular human species, but it will indeed come.

I once thought of the imagination as things I could visualize in my mind’s eye. It is much more than that. I once believed if I, through my imagination, could come up with some clever ideas, or some ingenious invention or computer code, I could become rich. It is much more than that. I once believed that one’s imagination is a tool to be used like a computer to accomplish tasks one needed to do, but I discovered it is much more than that. It is beyond anything we’ve ever dreamed.

From reading philosophy and psychology twenty five years, I knew imagination was important, but I did not understand its real importance until I read William Blake.

Mental Things are alone Real; what is call’d Corporeal, Nobody Knows of its Dwelling Place

This world of Imagination is the world of Eternity (A Vision of the Last Judgment)…

For Blake, the outer world we see and experience daily is but a reflection of our inner world, the realm of imagination. Nature is filled with symbols of eternal realities that exist in our minds, our souls. When we think of the Hermetic maxim, ‘as above, so below,’ we should not think of the inner world as a reflection of the outer world. Actually, it is the opposite. Nature reflects the infinite and eternal state of the soul. In Proverbs of Hell, Blake makes the amazing statement, ‘Where man is not, nature is barren.’

Blake was a prophet, preparing the way for what would eventually come to pass, the Age of Imagination, or, as I have called it elsewhere, the Epoch of Soul. It is only through imagination, or rather by our willingness to enter that world, the mundus imaginalis, that mankind will eventually expand its consciousness, and solve the tough problems it faces.

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