Time for Art

Time for Art

Portrait d’Aristide Capelle, by Richard Heintz

To the introvert, there can be no creative insight without time spent with oneself, with one’s daimon. Time is so precious, especially as one grows older. In youth, it seemed devoid of meaning; life was so carefree and frivolous.There was so much time to do whatever one desired. But now, it races by at a breakneck pace. Having the ability to spend sufficient time with oneself is a privilege reserved for either the unemployed, and thereby destitute, or the very wealthy. The working-class, even if intensely moved by the Anima Mundi, must be excellent time-managers in order to bring forth any innate creative gifts. Even then, it can in no way be equal to those who devote everything to their art. In the end, however, some creativity is better then none at all.

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