The New Myth of Global Individuation

The New Myth of Global Individuation


History and anthropology teach us that a human society cannot long survive unless its members are psychologically contained within a central living myth. Such a myth provides the individual with a reason for being (Edward Edinger, The Creation of Consciousness, Jung’s Myth for Modern Man, 1984, p.9).


For millennia, we humans lived largely estranged from each other. Most of us were unconscious of our peers around the world. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, this began to change. Gradually, the wide world became more and more accessible and its people were able to better communicate, mainly as technology grew more and more sophisticated. We could say that technology has brought about a greater collective consciousness. There is no doubt this is true. The advent of the Internet has accelerated this phenomenon. We are much more aware of each other today than at any point in history. It is an amazing time to be alive!

Our society has adopted a myth that science and technology is the path to truth and freedom. I see this as part of the destiny of planet Earth. The Anima Mundi seeks global consciousness; all individual Souls will gain awareness of each other. She is using technology to bring this about. There are those who would try and drive a wedge between science and Soul, but this is a waste of time. Science is simply another story we tell; technology is its handmaiden. These tales are used by Soul just as effectively as the Greek myths of long ago were used to lay the foundation of Western culture.

This movement toward global consciousness began in the nineteenth century when the telegraph was invented. In a book entitled, The Victorian Internet, author Tom Standage argues that the real qualitative shift in global communications occurred when use of the telegraph became widespread. The ability to communicate across great distances was the greatest boon to global awareness since the invention of the printing press.The advent of the Internet was a huge quantitative shift in global communications.

We know from studying depth psychology that Soul is composed of many constituent elements, or archetypes. Most of the time, these are unconscious of one another. The World Soul is similarly composed. It is made up of all the billions of individual Souls on planet Earth. We are beginning to become more aware of each other as the distance between us diminishes daily. This is quite similar to what C.G. Jung envisioned as health for the troubled psyche, i.e. integration of the various constituent parts. He called this individuation. This is occurring on a global scale.

Everyday, we communicate with people all over the world. Bits and packets fly to and fro around the globe, fueling the evolutionary process that will eventually enable a leap of human consciousness. When we are more aware of each other, we are able to love each other. When we love each other, war will end and greed will be a thing of the past. This is the new myth we have formulated. Listen closely to the story…….

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  1. Very true- as the founder of the Baha'i Faith Bahá'u'lláh wrote in the Nineteenth Century “The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens”

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