Music And Magic

Music And Magic

Music 11, by Shkoder11

We know the gods enter our consciousness through music. Using music in religious ritual is a very ancient practice and is very effective. One aspect of Soul is how, through skilled musicians, waves of denser and lighter air produce sounds, which fall upon our ears and resonate to certain vibrational frequencies in our bodies. Since our bodies are not separate from our minds, Souls, or Spirits, these sounds affect our whole being in different ways. Our moods can be changed, our emotions enlivened or deadened, and our very consciousness can be altered for good or bad.

To demonstrate the way certain cultures (Hindus and Buddhists) view music, the ancient Chakra system is shown below. Each chakra corresponds to a part of the body, a certain color, and a musical tone. The most interesting thing to me about chakras is that they are said to be vortices of power and energy. It’s like saying they are like mini-Souls throughout the body.

Solar PlexusYellowE
Third EyeIndigoA
CrownViolet or WhiteB

There is a treasure-trove of music in the unconscious. It contains all the music you’ve ever heard in your life, in addition to collective tunes that exist as archaic remnants of your ancestors’ music. Certain types of music appeal to some because of a certain ancestral voice within them. Sometimes, I hear the songs of the Scotch-Irish and Celts, as well as Appalachian folk music, bubbling up, at times, into my consciousness. I also am very moved when I hear Gregorian chanting, as well as the medieval sounds of  troubadours and trouvères.

Music, like anything Soulish, is beyond comprehension. The ways in which it moves us is mysterious and deep. All the various archetypal gods have their own musical styles. Think of all the different genres of music as ruled by a different archetype. The archetypes can greatly influence one’s mood. Sometimes, the music of the archetype, one is in the grip of, will appease the god and the mood will dissipate. For instance, why do the Blues help one who is depressed? It seems paradoxical, but it works. Music wrought in hardship and suffering is always helpful in alleviating that suffering.

I’ve always wondered why music written while under the influence of drugs is usually better than if drugs were not used. Think of all the great music of the sixties and seventies, and most great music in general. I would rather listen to the Aerosmith of 1973 than today’s version. Their music then was superior, indeed. Think of Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, Ray Charles, et al. I realize some drugs can be destructive. Those songs just seem to have so much more Soul.

Basically, Music is Soul. James Hillman wrote that Music is one of the three bridges between the conscious and unconscious, the others being mathematics and myth (Soul’s Code, p. 94). In this role as Mediatrix, Music is Soul.

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  1. The old negro spirituals come to mind; slaves singing as they toiled away in the fields, making their day more bearable. Music does indeed possess great healing power & potential…

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