Soul Bridge

Soul Bridge

Demon and Angel with Tamara’s Soul, by Mikhail Vrubel

Carl Jung addresses the immanent aspects of God when he says “God is a psychic fact“. This internal God, as psychic fact, is the numinous, inarticulable core around which our psychic life spirals. Eckhart speaks of the “eternal abyss of divine being.” And from a psychotheological point of view this “eternal abyss of divine being” is also the “eternal abyss” of our own being (The Wholly Other, Jenna Lilla MA PhD).

The immanent aspect of The All is that “inarticulable core around which our psychic life spirals,” We cannot say definitively what The All is; we can only speak apophatically. We experience The All via the Vortex of Life. One might say, “The All is both immanent to us while simultaneously being transcendent to us.” Actually, it would be more beneficial to say, “The All is neither immanent to us nor transcendent to us.” The All is, simply, The All. 

Soul is a spiraling, an infinite Vortex of Life. Soul is a traversable wormhole that connects two dimensions (of a single, acentric, infinite universe) allowing intercourse between both. It is a good metaphor for the metaxical nature of Soul as intermediary between immanence and transcendence. Soul is always a bridge to another experience of Reality. One cannot experience Soul, however, by sitting idly by and twiddling one’s thumbs. One must leap into the Maelstrom and begin to spin. This spinning is like silk being woven into a brilliant, shimmering fabric. That is why we are here on this Earth, i.e. to spin and to be spun. Through this process of transformation, we will either become beings that glisten like the Sun, or the whirling will tear us to shreds.


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