Animatter And Projection

Animatter And Projection

Mikhail Vrubel.
Pearl Oyster.

We are animaterial creatures, simultaneously soul and matter, but most of us are not aware of it. We have had it hammered into us all of our lives that matter and mind are two distinct entities. Being animaterial creatures is an unconscious fact to us, therefore we project two separate substances. This is the source of all dualism.

Physicist David Bohm tackled the so-called mind-body problem by offering the ideas of what he called an implicate and explicate order:

This order is not to be understood solely in terms of a regular arrangement of objects (e.g., in rows) or as a regular arrangement of events (e.g. in a series). Rather, a total order is contained in some implicit sense, in each region of space and time. Now the word ‘implicit’ is based on the verb ‘to implicate’. This means ‘to fold inward’ (as multiplication means ‘folding many times’). So we may be led to explore the notion that in some sense each region contains a total structure ‘enfolded’ within it (qtd. in David Bohm, The Two Kinds of Order).

When I wrote Soul’s Maelstrom, I had the notion that we are, not only folding inward, but spinning like a whirling dervish (which, in my mind, is a beautiful symbolic representation of this phenomenon) toward each other and the All. The Ouroboros is yet another symbol for this truth. The spinning speaks to constant change, the river we can never step twice into. The explicate order, our ordinary material reality, emerges from the implicate order, or what I call Animatter.

Bohm believed that ordinary reality as we experience it, material objects as such, have been “unfolded,” the reciprocal of the enfolding that is continuously occurring in the Universe.

Everybody has seen an image of enfoldment: You fold up a sheet of paper, turn it into a small packet, make cuts in it, and then unfold it into a pattern. The parts that were close in the cuts unfold to be far away. This is like what happens in a hologram. Enfoldment is really very common in our experience. All the light in this room comes in so that the entire room is in effect folded into each part. If your eye looks, the light will be then unfolded by your eye and brain. As you look through a telescope or a camera, the whole universe of space and time is enfolded into each part, and that is unfolded to the eye. With an old-fashioned television set that’s not adjusted properly, the image enfolds into the screen and then can be unfolded by adjustment (ibid.)

The continuous enfolding and unfolding of all things transcends the notions of space and time. These are only abstractions, unconscious projections, just like the idea of two distinct substances. In all actuality, the Universe is an undivided whole, in constant spin, enfolding and unfolding, reciprocating from implicate order to explicate order, and then back to implicate order. The cycle is eternal. This is Soul’s Maelstrom.

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