The Vortical Mix

The Vortical Mix

One thing you’re certain of, when you’re whirling in a vortex, is that you’re there together with whatever else is spinning with you. This is the best aspect of the involutionary nature of collective consciousness, i.e. we are all together in this world of contradictions. As the Vortical Mix spins with increasing rapidity, we are drawn closer together.

Picture a cosmic mixing bowl. Several ingredients are added and the mixer is activated. The mixer goes round and round. All the ingredients lose their physical individuality, as they all become one. But when the final product is tasted, one can distinguish, for example, the cinnamon from the apple. So, in a sense, individuality is somehow retained. This is the mystery of the One and the Many.

Our planet is suffering birth pangs, awaiting for the Vortical Mix to be complete. There are those who do not desire this to come to pass. They have another agenda for the human race. The unfolding of the Anima Mundi, however, will trump selfish plans by those who seek to control us.

We are whirling now in the Vortical Mix. The whirling will continue until we decide that it is not such a bad idea to work together for our common good. We cannot become what we are meant to become without uniting.

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