Romney’s 47%: Plutocratic Hypocrisy

Romney’s 47%: Plutocratic Hypocrisy

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Mitt Romney recently was caught saying that 47% of Americans feel they are entitled “to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it — that that’s an entitlement.” The word, “entitle,” means ” to give a title, right, or claim to something ( He said this as if he and his followers were somehow above being entitled to anything. But we know this is false, since Mitt, and many of his comrades, were raised with the proverbial silver spoons in their mouths.

All people, not just Americans, are indeed entitled to everything we, as humans, need to survive. This is the gist of the principle of human rights. Where did the rich get the idea that their fellow humans were not entitled to a certain standard of living from so-called civil society and its leaders? It is a double standard, when it’s perfectly okay for the wealthy plutocrats to receive their entitlements, such as tax breaks and corporate welfare, but it is somehow wrong for those less fortunate to receive a minimum subsistence from the government. Who else will care for these? Certainly not the Mormon or Christian churches!

The Jesus Christ that Mitt claims to follow would have no problem giving these basic rights to all peoples. That is most obvious from the Gospels. I wonder if Mitt is really following Jesus at all, or if he’s just the stereotypical rich, greedy skinflint that wants everything for him and his rich friends?

I detest politics, but I detest more the denial of human rights to those who cannot help themselves.  

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