Ubiquitous Soul

Ubiquitous Soul

Fonte des neiges à l’Estaque, by Paul Cezanne

…the soul, in its power, is present in some way in the entire universe, because it apprehends substances which are not included in the body in which it lives, although they are related to it. Thus, if certain impediments are excluded, the soul has an immediate and sudden presence with the most distant things, which are not joined to it by any motion, which nobody would deny, but rather are directly present in a certain sense (Giordano Bruno, Cause, Principle, and Unity).

The reason why Bruno taught that the infinite universe is homogeneous is because Soul is homogeneous throughout. The same Soul that permeates all animatter is the same Soul that permeates all of us. We are animatter personified. The Soul, Bruno tells us, “is no less present in one part than in the whole, nor in the whole less than one part” (ibid.). Referring to this statement, Bruno reveals the crux of what I call, Animaterialism:

This is the most important and most fundamental of all the principles which provide an explanation of the marvels found in nature; namely, that because of the active principle and spirit or universal soul, nothing is so incomplete, defective or imperfect, or, according to common opinion, so completely insignificant that it could not become the source of great events” (ibid.).

Notice that Bruno does not distinguish between Soul and Spirit. It is one Unity that animates our entire infinite universe. So, take heart, all you who feel you are insignificant and unworthy of great things. You are permeated with the same power that brought forth all things into existence. 

This is what the rulers of the world do not want you to know. They want to know it for themselves in order to retain what they have been given, but the secrets are leaking out. Our generation is discovering the truth about Nature and our place in it. No longer can they lie to us and tell us that one race is superior to another, that one nation or people is more worthy of blessings. These lies have been told for millennia to keep us warring with each other in order to keep us in the dark and under control.

The Epoch of Soul is upon us because of the incredible means of communication we enjoy in this age. This is a revolution of Universal Soul, not of violence. Involutionary consciousness will only occur if we allow ourselves to whirl within the Maelstrom. It is a choice. The Maelstrom interpenetrates every particle of our being and the entire universe, but it is up to us, as sentient entities, to add love and will to the vortical mix.

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