The Story of Animatter

The Story of Animatter

Along the Coast, Alfred Bricher

Matter is adventurous. And in some very real sense, the story of…evolution is a story matter tells to itself.  It is a story in which matter communicates the details of its earlier, less organized stages, to its later more organized stages, so that each stage is meaningful – is full of meaning, full of reference to its antecedent conditions. Matter is full of information about its past – about its own structure and dynamics, about its process. Cells contain information about molecules, molecules contain information about atoms, atoms about quantum particles and fields. And the matter of brains contains information about all of these, and so the human mind can reflect on the history of matter and tell itself the story of biological and cosmological evolution (Radical Nature, by Christian de Quincey, p. 41-42).

In the above passage, de Quincey uses the term, matter, with the same meaning as I use the word, animatter. Animatter is the holistic reality of the universe. Animatter is ensouled matter. There is nothing that is not animated. Even so-called antimatter displays Shadow characteristics of animatter. Animatter communicates its story throughout the fabric of all things. There is an informational flow via all avenues of reality because all forms of matter are interconnected, even all the way down to the subatomic level. There is a story being told up, down, and across the great crossroads of Being.

What story is being told? It’s the story of Reality, how our universe came into existence, what is real, what is error, and where we are headed in in this great saga of evolution. Because all forms of animatter are interconnected, communication, it seems, is superluminal. But it doesn’t really matter how fast it is. The fact that there is communication at all between forms of animatter proves they are operating in some mode of consciousness.

I hesitate to use the phrase, “levels of consciousness,” even though this is fine. I prefer “modes of consciousness” because “levels” implies hierarchies. I reject hierarchical structures in favor of unranked structures, at times vortical, at other times horizontal. The usage of “modes of consciousness” infers equality, while hierarchy infers superiority and inferiority. I am of the mind that all forms of animatter, while they may have different modal consciousness, are all of equal meaning and value. This is due to the fact that they all horizontally depend on one another.

Such a view can explain so much! Take Jung’s idea of the collective unconscious, for instance. If Jung is correct about the CU, and I believe he is, then the communicative ability of animatter would help explain how all of us contain certain innate, instinctual patterns within our psyches. It would explain all forms of psi phenomena, as well.

The reason why the science of the West has, for the most part, rejected religious, mystical, and psi phenomena as falsehood is due to the mind-matter dichotomy. We know that. Now, we are repairing the breach for future generations, in order that they may enjoy the innate human abilities that our ancestors have so long denied us. Furthermore, with the restoration of the story of animatter, all reality can reap the rewards of our amazing universe.

The story of animatter is not new. It has been in circulation for many millenia. Our problem is, for a time we forgot it. Now, we are remembering it again. We are realizing what we have missed and are taking action to, once again, resurrect the myth.

Physicist, John Archibald Wheeler, once said,

Someday we’ll understand the whole thing as one single marvelous vision that will seem so overwhelmingly simple and beautiful that we may say to each other; ‘Oh, how could be have been so stupid for so long? How could it have been otherwise!

Now that we’re again spinning the yarn of animatter, this vision is very much realizable.

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