The Involution of Consciousness

The Involution of Consciousness

Since we are living in the Epoch of Soul, the day in which consciousness of Soul is growing very rapidly due to the mass usage of the Internet, we are learning that the idea of an increasing consciousness is not as we once thought, i.e. it is not necessarily a higher consciousness, but an involuting consciousness. The metaphor of increasing consciousness is changing to one that increases inwardly, as our individual Souls spiral into each other. These are merging together as we whirl inward. As we acknowledge the power of Soul and the Cosmic Mind, we are becoming One upon the Earth. We have been distant from each other due to our ignorance of the collective unconscious. As we all, in unison, abandon our projections upon each other and become more aware of our True Selves, we grow closer and closer to one another, thus allowing the World Soul to individuate and experience greater and greater consciousness.

We are swirling within Soul’s Maelstrom. Round and round we go in this world, and ever downward. But, as we move deeper into the Vortex of Life, we move, simultaneously, inward and closer together. The lower we go into the Maelstrom, the quicker consciousness increases.  Let this image burn within your mind.

This is the revolution of Immanence that is upon the Earth in the Epoch of Soul.

A new spiritual understanding is being born that is not a transcendent religion, but an immanent truth: based upon insight and subjective experience. And this insight is changing the way we think about our relationship to each other and the world around us. A shift is occurring at the root of life, in the spiritual body of life, and this shift is altering the larger social body of humanity. This shift of consciousness will change the world, as vertical power structures lose their potency, and horizontal and rhizomal movements take root. New ways of organizing, socializing, creating, and sharing are emerging: the culture of immanence is blossoming forth (The Culture of Immanence, by Dr. Jennifer Lilla).

As the world pathologizes more everyday, what with wars, financial and political corruption, violence, and the growing debilitation of capitalism, rhizomal Soul flourishes, growing incessantly underground, where no one really notices. It is like the subterranean movements that occur prior to a massive volcanic eruption or an earthquake. The power of Soul is rumbling just below the surface. It’s eruption is imminent.

Remember the Maelstrom and the Rhizome. These are very important images to hold in your mind.

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3 thoughts on “The Involution of Consciousness

  1. I like the polarity you talk about here, the widening rift between the pathology of the rational-mind world situation and the growing longing for those deeper realms that we've lived our lives divorced from. I've noticed this growing for most of my life. I think it has to do with the way our race learnes from the consequences of its focus. How removing ourselves from nature teaches us to revere it in the end; how living without Soul makes us yearn for it collectively. Powerful post, Mark.

  2. Seth,

    To tell you the truth, many times these words just pour out of me, as if the Daimon were giving them to me.

    I believe this phenomenon has been building for many years. What we are witnessing is historic, a watershed event that will change our world. The Anima Mundi is individuating.


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