The Dialectical Dance of Being

The Dialectical Dance of Being

We individuals are all hardwired a certain way. Some tend toward atheism, some toward a full-blown transcendent deity. All of us view reality according to our particular life experiences. That is a very normal and natural phenomenon. If we were all born the same, this world would be very boring.

Religions try to corral their adherents into agreement by asking for an assent to a set of dogmatic assertions usually in the form of a creed. Some of us do this, some of us reject outright any attempt made to limit freedom in these matters. There are dogmatic atheists just as there are dogmatic theists. There are scientists who claim their path is the only one to truth, and because they are high priests of Science, we are expected to simply get in line with them.

 I, for one, prefer to be very precise in my thinking and writing. I have a definite left-brain slant on methodology. That’s probably why I work in information technology and with high-performance computing. I very much enjoy technology, mathematics, and science. However, this does not infer that I must apply my left-brain slant to my heartfelt beliefs as a human being without some furthering of experience by other means. I am not only analytical, but very imaginally-oriented, as well. If I allowed my analytical tendencies to overrun my spiritual viewpoint, I would claim there was only one way in which to understand God and religion. I know because I was once that person, many years ago. I believed very strongly that I possessed the one way to God and all else was to be rejected.

In this day and time, I believe all benign spiritual paths lead to the Divine (there are paths of malevolence too). The word, “God,” is so loaded with baggage that we should just banish it from our language. I see labels, such as “theism,” “pantheism,” “panentheism,” etc. as problematic points of distinction that accomplish nothing productive. Rather, they divide people, just like Christian, Jew, Muslim, Pagan, etc. So many labels! So much division. We, as people of the Earth, need to rid ourselves of petty distinctions, preserving the ones that nurture and further our walk into Eternity, and that together in unity.

My article entitled, Bruno Was Not a Pantheist, was written just a little over a month ago, but in that short time, I have learned that such labels are not beneficial to me as a thinker. I found it interesting, intellectually, however, that so many articles on the Internet claim Bruno was a pantheist. I saw that claim, intellectually, as a mistake and sought to refute it. That was my left-brain, logical, philosophical mode kicking in.

No, Bruno was not a pantheist, in my opinion, for reasons already stated. The most important point I see in all of this is the acting out of the dialectical Dance of Being. The reason why labels like pantheist and theist are to be rejected is that they are limiting to one’s viewpoint. Bruno, in my opinion, was both theist and pantheist. Yes, it is paradoxical. That’s what the Dance of Being is, an energy that totally transcends human reason. Our language is so limiting and imprecise! That is why symbols are so powerful. We should learn more about thinking imaginally.

So, the sum of the matter is that most of us are on a benign journey that is spiraling, twisting, and snaking its way through this world. C’est la vie! 🙂

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