Modes of Consciousness

Modes of Consciousness

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We know that Soul permeates all things in the purview of experience. All things are alive, interconnected, and have consciousness. There are, however, different modes of consciousness. A rock, for example, does not have the same mode of consciousness as a human. Nevertheless, the atoms which give a rock its form are just as much alive as those in our bodies. Perhaps these modes have something to do with the atomic numbers of particular elements. I am uncertain about the means of operation of these modes. But, somehow, I do know (not using the rules of logical thought) that everything possesses different forms of consciousness.

Typically, we would consider a rock to be about the lowest, most unconscious form of matter. I challenge you to jettison your usual way of thinking hierarchically about the world. Believing that certain forms of matter are higher or lower on some “scale of being” is what leads to such evils as racism and bigotry. Humans are not superior to other forms of matter; we merely operate at different modes of consciousness. This is because of the way we have emerged from the Cosmic Mind. All forms of matter have a mission to carry out in the Universe. The modes of consciousness we have been given, both the actual and the potential, are necessary equipment that will enable us to fulfill our mission here. A rock has a mission too, and a corresponding mode of consciousness.

Now, what could the modes of consciousness be like for a rock? Perhaps one mode of consciousness could be an aesthetic mode. Rocks and rock formations are some of the most beautiful things in the Universe. Untouched, at times, they are works of art in themselves. Another mode of consciousness could be a simple form of self-awareness. Imagine, for a moment, if a rock could ponder it’s own existence:

I am a rock. I see the world through a lens of stone. In the time of my formation, I was but a glob of molten liquid. As I cooled, I received, from the Old Ones, consciousness. They fashioned me to sit quietly and endure.

For eons I have sat here, thrown to and fro by the whims of Nature, not caring where I was being taken, not regretting my seemingly lowly estate. I was content, just as long as I could ponder my own existence and experience the world around me. Humans may not think that one such as I could be aware of these things, but humans have much to learn.

In my long history, I have witnessed the long evolution of  humanity. The entire story has been quite tragic from my point of view. I have ruminated many long millennia on their plight. Suffice it to say, they are an enigma to me.

Look at the lines on my face. I am an old Soul.

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Sure, this is a product of Imagination, but who is to say that it could not be true? We cannot prove that such a mode of consciousness does not occur in rocks, plants, animals, etc. All things are here (Being-Here) for a purpose. In my opinion, there is a Grand Design that is being carried out and has always been carried out by the Anima Mundi. Part of this Design is to fashion all things with just the proper modes of consciousness needed to maintain the delicate balance that keeps our Universe running. It is the Divine Dance of the Mater-Materia, that Matrix of Matter from which all material forms emerge.

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2 thoughts on “Modes of Consciousness

  1. Hi Mark,

    I am very much in agreement with this. I think there are as many kinds of consciousness as there are forms of life, and find this a comforting fact. It also reflects how egocentric so many worldviews are, from religious depictions of God to a lot of New Age modes of thought.

    The kind of thinking that once saw the Earth as the center of the Universe is infiltrated into so much else. When people speak of “higher and lower” life forms, their basis of comparison is usually the human species. Whether the question is what one should eat, how evolution works, or what God looks like, humans tend to be the central model.

    I appreciate your acknowledging the dignity of the consciousness of rocks. I might like to exist as one for a turn – or maybe a tree – after this challenging existence. 😉

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