Matter, Forms, and Animatter

Matter, Forms, and Animatter

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What is matter? Is it simply a physical lump of stuff? Undifferentiated matter (matter that has no form) is a receptacle of forms for all animatter. Matter is prior to animatter because undifferentiated matter has no form until the intelligence of the Cosmic Mind provides it to all phenomenal things. Animatter is ensouled, intelligent matter. All intelligence is animaterial. Matter is undifferentiated; animatter is alive, conscious, and intelligent.

…there is an intellect that gives being to everything, which the
Pythagoreans and the Timaeus call the ‘giver of forms’; a soul and a
formal principle which becomes and informs everything, that they
call ‘fountain of forms’; there is matter, out of which everything is
produced and formed, and which is called by everyone the ‘receptacle of
forms’ (Giordano Bruno, Cause, Principle, and Unity).

The Vortex of the Cosmos, from whence emerges all types of animatter, is the fusion of Anima Universi (Soul of the Universe) and Spiritus Universi (Spirit of the Universe), universal female and male Principles who are continually and eternally bringing forth increasing creativity and complexity in our universe. The World Spirit provides the Intellect to assign forms to the World Soul’s Mater Materia, the Mother of all things. This Divine union gives us animatter, which is infinite and homogeneous throughout the universe. Animatter possesses intelligence from Spirit and consciousness from Soul. This Maelstrom, that I have called elsewhere Soul’s Maelstrom, is ever whirling, ever changing things from one form to another. There is no death, no cessation of being, only a change of form, according to animatter’s mode of Being.

This desk, my keyboard, this monitor are animatter. All animatter has consciousness and is intelligent, albeit according to different modes of these.

The relationship between the Spiritus Universi and the Anima Universi is such that Spirit is the potentiality of Soul. Soul provides undifferentiated matter for the fashioning of Spirit. Spirit acts as a Divine Artificer to mold and shape matter into animatter. What we experience empirically in the universe is intelligent, ensouled animatter. Universal Spirit is the power that shapes a spiral Aloe plant, or a Nautilus shell, or anything else. These shapes in Nature are not accidental. Soul provides material; Spirit provides intelligence for the emergence of complexity in Nature.

Spirit and Soul are one Reality, known by many names: the Demiurge, World Soul, Cosmic Mind, etc.

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