The Epoch of Soul

The Epoch of Soul

We are living in a remarkable time. After having seen the rise of materialism and scientism since the seventeenth century, the pendulum of the world has swung back in the opposite direction. Our culture, even though it is still very materialistic and egocentric, has still managed to begin to think more holistically and soulfully. The experience  and knowledge of Soul has become more widespread. People understand much more now about Soul than ever before in human history. Also, we have made great strides in the advancement of ethical treatment of those who were always considered throwaways in former days. These are signs that we have, indeed, entered what I call The Epoch of Soul.

Think, for a moment, how that only forty years ago, some of the most deplorable actions ever taken in the name of science and progress were still occurring in the state of North Carolina, i.e. sterilizations in the name of the eugenics movement.There were other states that did this too. Typically, if a person tested at an IQ of 70 or lower, they were, by state law, sterilized. This law was passed in 1933, in the heyday of eugenics, and not repealed until 1977. Our society has more Soul today than they did in the days of forced sterilizations. This is but one example.

I realize our current situation has its problems too. We must remember that Soul pathologizes. I’m just saying that we have made great strides toward a better society in which to live. I realize that corporations control our politicians to where the masses are not properly represented. That is all true and it has been this way for a very long time. I realize that plutocrats control the lives of most of the populous. That may never change. I hope it does, but, nevertheless, the movement of this Epoch of Soul is circumnavigating these problems. It may be that the Anima Mundi has brought these problems to light so they can be dealt with. Regardless, Soul is permeating the planet. Nothing can stop it. All the plutocratic money combined will not stop it. The genie is out of the bottle.

The world is ripe for Soul to return to its place of predominance in human thought. Our time is now. As John the Baptist prepared the way for Christ, for the past one hundred years many artists, writers, musicians, philosophers, poets, and even scientists have prepared the way for the World Soul. Soul is now energized and moving throughout the planet. We have seen the Age of Spirit. Now, we have entered the Age of Soul.

The many political revolutions we have seen these one hundred years have not brought a humane and hospitable world. Politics is not the answer and never will be. It is a pipe-dream to think that politicians will ever lead us into the world we desire to live in.

It must be the World Soul that transforms the Earth. By this, I mean the actual personality that is the collective Soul of the human race. The same self-organizing force that maintains our natural world is the same power that has begun to bring this about in the psyches of all of us, whether we consciously recognize it or not. The Epoch of Soul has arrived.

The Internet has played, and is playing, a huge role in this phenomenon. The heretofore untapped potential of creativity latent in the human race has awoken and is driving this wondrous event. Never before in history has this occurred because no other period was able to communicate on a global scale, as we do now. Those who prepared the way for this movement by developing this technology, did so unconsciously, not knowing the World Soul was providing them with the knowledge to do so. Now, the stage is set. The Epoch of Soul has commenced.

Take this as a clarion call. Now that you know what is occurring, it’s time to create. Soul works through imagination and creativity. So, those ideas that have been floating around in your head about a new way to do things, or a new story or poem you want to write, do it! Don’t say, “I’m not talented enough,” or “I would be my own worst critic.” You are Soul. This awesome power permeates the very fiber of your Being. Create!

Finally, communicate with others. Share your work. Don’t isolate yourself from the World Soul. We need you. Your world needs you.

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6 thoughts on “The Epoch of Soul

  1. Inspiring and reassuring, Mark.

    Some of my own most cherished ideals are reflected here. Some days I don't dare to speak them aloud, or despondency clouds my Vision; but really I know that I can't live without them.

    There are so many variables in play here, I think that Reason must soon find itself at wit's end! 😉 But I try to descend below that, find guidance in the deeper places and just follow that, step by step in my own small way. And reflect it. As you do in this vauable blog. Keep delving, and mirroring it back for us!

  2. Seth,

    This message has engulfed me the past week. I didn't know what people would think about this article, but I had to put it out there. I feel it in my bones. I believe it is the World Soul urging me on.

    Thank you so much for your comments!


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