A Communion of Images

A Communion of Images

…when I watch a performer, I don’t know what image he or she is perceiving. But, the fascinating thing is, as long as I perceive that person perceiving, I will fill in my own image. My imagination will take hold of my perceiving that person perceive and do it’s own thing, seeing around to the hidden side of that performer’s psyche. My own psyche meets that person’s psyche and fills in the image. We create a communion of images, which need not be identical. That’s the fun part – I fill in my own images and make the experience personal (which takes me back to anima, the archetype of personal, felt experience. Anima itself is paradox because it is the general, universal archetype of personal, individual felt experience (Images Are Everything, by Jared Dorotiak).

This statement reminds me why Jung’s collective unconscious is such a profound reality. We actually share the collective images of humanity and can access them at any time, as long as we are open and receptive. Dorotiak calls this a “communion of images.” This is quite appropriate, for human image-making (which is equivalent to Soul-making) is a sacred thing and should be viewed as a communal ritual.

Furthermore, it’s not that the collective unconscious has simply been filled with images by God from the foundations of the world; these have accumulated as we have created them, beginning with the first humans to experience consciousness. The CU is a collective accumulation of images going back to the very first sentient humans.

Images of the CU are not an inner reality. There are no inner and outer realities. We are human, that’s just who we are. We are Being, we are Soul, we are consciousness, we are holistic. The storehouse of images we refer to as the CU is just a metaphor, it’s not literal. These images are in our flesh and bones and brain and blood; so is consciousness. As the Bible says, The life of the soul is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11). Now, this is not to say we are not divine beings; we certainly are, for the Divine is innate to every atom in our bodies. The Divine is ubiquitous in the Universe.

Soul is not something we own like a shoe. We are within Soul, Soul is not within us. For that matter, we are within the Universe, as well. The reason we think we possess things within ourselves is because we are still living in a fractured world where Thought and Being have been cloven asunder. But, I digress.

The point I wanted to make in all of this is that we have the ability to insert images into situations like the one described above by Dorotiak, even though we are not perceiving with our physical sense what the other person is perceiving, because we have a communal link to the collective unconscious. It is a sacred, ritualistic experience that we should cherish.

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