The Paradox of Soul

The Paradox of Soul


I am satisfied in my thinking that everything in the Universe is Soul, from the tiniest reality of the quantum world to the largest star and galaxy, it is all Soul. This is not a new idea. Pythagoras spoke these words at the dawn of Western philosophy:

All have souls, all is soul, wandering in the organic world and obeying eternal will or law.

There is nothing that is without Soul. This is the assertion put forth by mystics for thousands of years. For my own learning, however, I must ask the question,

“Does the statement, ‘all is soul’, infer there are no individual Souls?” 

I don’t think so. I think that it is plausible for everything to be Soul and for each entity to have an individual Soul, as well. Atomic and subatomic particles (which are Soul) exhibit paradoxical behavior of both particles and waves simultaneously. Apparently, reality has no problem at all with paradox. Therefore, it is not unrealistic to think that everything can be Soul, both collectively and individually. This paradox simply means the logically impossible assertion has transcended rational thought.

The Upanishads tell of two types of Souls. They are described a

1) jiv-atma –the individual soul, known as the living entity
2) param-atmathe Supersoul, known as the Supreme Lord, who resides in the hearts of all living entities as the witness

This is also confirmed in Bhagavad-gita [13.23] where it is stated that besides the living entity, who tries to enjoy in his physical body, there is another, a transcendental enjoyer who is the Lord, the supreme proprietor, who exists as the overseer and guide, and who is known as the Supersoul. He is not an ordinary living entity, but the plenary expansion of the Supreme Lord. Because monist philosophers and impersonalists take the soul and supersoul to be one, they think that there is no difference between the Supersoul and the individual soul. To clarify this the Lord says that He is the representation of Param-atma in every body. He is different from the individual soul; He is parah, transcendental (Two Types of Souls). 

Apparently, at least one major world religion has no problem with this idea either.

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