The Gnosis of Anima Mundi

The Gnosis of Anima Mundi

The World Soul has agents, those who will heed Her voice and bring forth, synchronistically, knowledge that is important to the world at a particular time in history. Simultaneously, because of the principle of correspondence, this knowledge has corollary relevance for the human Soul.  As above, so below.

The example has already been given in The Acentric Soul of the Brunian Revolution and how it foreshadowed the infinite, acentric, and polytheistic nature of the human Psyche in Analytical and Archetypal Psychology.

I propose that every major scientific breakthrough in the history of the human race has a correlation in the human Soul. We have already seen this truth manifested after the discovery of quantum physics, what with all the discussion concerning how consciousness may be connected to matter at the quantum level. There are many other examples. Did you know that Isaac Newton spent most of his time performing alchemical experiments? He wasn’t simply doing physics in the sense that we understand today. Newton was a magician and mystic!

What truths of the Soul remain to be discovered? Surely, they will be corollary truths to what has already been uncovered on the material/scientific level. This is a fertile field for research by Soul spelunkers.

Hillman has discussed, in some of his writings, a long line of those thinkers who based their ideas on Soul. Heraclitus was an early one; also Plato, Plotinus during the Classical period; during the Medieval period, Hildegard of Bingen, Meister Eckhart, and Julian of Norwich; in the Renaissance, Ficino, Bruno, Pico della Mirandola, and a host of others throughout history, including Jung and Hillman. These thinkers were agents of Anima Mundi. In their ideas and writings, they strove to give birth to truths that would edify World Soul.

The scientific method did not exist at the time of the discovery of fire, but who can deny that fire is an amazingly powerful symbol for Soul? What about the discovery of the wheel? Again, this is another cogent symbol. 

The agents of World Soul are not just scientists, philosophers, and mystics. There are myriad fields where these stewards of Soul are working. What about actors and musicians, film directors, such as David Lynch, David Cronenberg, and Ingmar Bergman? How about writers like Philip K. Dick, Dostoevsky, Kafka, and Camus?

We should remain open to Anima Mundi when She calls, and bring forth that which She has called us to do.

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