The Fall of the Transcendent Hierarchies

The Fall of the Transcendent Hierarchies

Trois Nus, by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Individuals are beginning to question the well established transcendent hierarchy. The cultural institutions and their inhabitants, whom demand respect for their transcendent position, are loosing their hold on power. And the multiplicity of voice is now growing louder. The internet is providing a means for the equalization of expression and knowledge. Thought, opinion, self-expression and art pour forth from individuals all around the world, day and night: a continual flow and flux of perspective. Within this world-wide-web concepts emerge, take root and blossom without having to move through the previously preordained channels of ascent and acceptance (The Culture of Immanence, by Dr. Jennifer Lilla).

The intellectual interaction we engage in on a daily basis on various social networks is transforming our collective consciousness. The bandying back and forth of ideas, the sharing of thoughts, our interlocution, is bringing about critical human thought and self-reflection on an unprecedented scale. We are actually facilitating the next great evolutionary leap forward. The next stage of evolution will, in my opinion, be one of Soul. The invention of the computer and the Internet, if for no other reason, was brought about for this purpose.

Isn’t that an exciting thought? That you and I are actually co-creating humanity’s future? Dr. Lilla writes,

The trajectory of transcendence creates a culture based on vertical power structures, built upon hierarchies; and like the Tower of Babel these hierarchies are crumbling just as they reaches toward their apogee (ibid.).

This is the history of Western culture. It is no coincidence that our society has been hierarchically structured for millenia. The West has always been a transcendence-seeking society, which is why Christianity became such a fixture, and with the search for transcendence comes hierarchies. But, now, that is all changing. We see it before our eyes everyday! The appropriately named, but somewhat antiquated, “world wide web” has led to a web of consciousness spreading, horizontally,  around the globe.

This new paradigm is horizontal, not vertical, and therefore not hierarchical in nature. The model of Being is metamorphosizing across cultures and nations. Dr. Lilla refers to this new paradigm as “the culture of immanence:”

Like a rhizomal root potentiating, the culture of immanence has been brewing under the surface (ibid.).

The old guard traditions and hierarchies are crumbling even as we speak. They will be replaced by fresh institutions that will be horizontally-based, interactive, participative, and centered on caring for our populace and our environment. The social and economic stratification we see now will transform into something more humane for all citizens of this new society. I know, I know, socialism has been attempted and has always failed. Perhaps social structures had not evolved sufficiently in those days to allow a successful society based on sharing. Our day is coming.

This sounds like Utopia, doesn’t it? Well, I don’t really believe in a Utopia because we cannot forget about the Soul’s tendency  for pathologization and the Shadow factor. On the other hand, who is to say the World Soul cannot also integrate Her Shadow?

Finally I can say it no better than Dr. Lilla. Here, she describes her vision. It is also the vision of millions of us:

The integration of various transcendental spiritual traditions, the
intermingling of cultures, the earthquake in continental philosophy, the
increase in those participating in spiritual practice, the underground
movements, the growing protest culture, the myriad of potent voices
populating the web: all the emergent perspectives mingling and mixing in
the minds and hearts of the people of this world forming new ways of
relating and creating and being together. Something is emerging from the
depth of our collective psychic life: a new myth, a new perspective, a
new relationship to the earth and each other.  It is a spiritual shift,
becoming a cultural shift, transforming the social matrix (ibid.).

 May the Gods bring it to pass!

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