The Curse of Time

The Curse of Time

Sweet child of innocence
Living in the present tense
Father Time will take his toll
Rack your body and steal your soul
What became of all the years
Are you drowning in your tears
Who will catch you when you fall
Who will hear you when you call

(Lyrics from Child of Innocence, by Kansas (Masque, 1975)

I am convinced that the manner in which we perceive Time in our current evolutionary stage is a malignant cancer, eating away at Soul. The fact is, we are infinite beings. When we enter this material plane, our eternality is constrained and limited by Time. Time is a characteristic of our perception of the world of matter. It is not real in and of itself. It is a mental construct intended to organize our sensory experiences. Time is an innate and a priori structure of the human mind.

Our sense of Time probably developed over the past 200,000 years, as our species observed the rising and setting of the Sun, day after day, year after year, millenia after millenia. There may have been a moment in the dark past when humans suddenly became aware of Time. It may have been a Garden-of-Eden-like experience, where, up until this moment, our species had no awareness of Time, or any other mental constructs, e.g. space. Imagine the tragedy of beings living in the eternal Now, Being-in-the-Moment, and then having that snatched away by the sudden awareness that they only possessed a finite amount of Time on their beloved world in which to live. The advent of human consciousness was a Fall, indeed. Humankind, instead of being awash in unconsciousness and having no sense of Time whatsoever, now found themselves washing up on the shore of a tiny island called Self. Humankind, for the first time, now possessed an awareness of Being-Oneself, and with it the sense of Time.

I believe this was a necessary condition in order that we would eventually be able to gain sufficient awareness that we could become transcendent beings. This is our destiny.

In our modern world, Time rules us with an iron fist. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years; we trudge through life, having to be somewhere at a certain time, sleeping at a certain time, eating at a certain time, ad nauseum. If that’s not bad enough, it seems that, as we get older, Time accelerates, or at least our perception of it does. The Calvinist work ethic made a bad situation worse by enculturating into us the notion that, if we are not working constantly, we are not pleasing to God. What a diabolical scheme! What a boon for the Industrial Revolution this must have been! What a boon for the corporate managers of our day!

What is it about our manner of perceiving the world that causes Time to go faster as we age? It is incredibly frustrating to never have time to do that which we know of a certainty we are meant to do and should be doing! It is extremely detrimental to Soul-making and all that it entails.

I do believe, however, there is a place we can reach, whether it be through meditation, imagination, or whatever practice we find that works, where we can transcend the curse of Time and live in the Moment. For this, I strive daily. To be truly free, humankind must return to this paradisaical state of being. After the transcendence of Time, we will fulfill our destinies as Beings of Light.

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3 thoughts on “The Curse of Time

  1. Thank you, Karl, for your comments.

    Time seems to be more and more crucial to me as I get older. Moments become much more important, as does not wasting time (as much as I liked that in my youth). 🙂

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