Soul of the Universe

Soul of the Universe

I have written much on the Anima Mundi, the Soul of the World. Our world is not, however, the only world in the infinite universe. An infinite universe posits an infinite number of worlds. Just as the Anima Mundi is intertwined with our precious world, so must there be an infinite number of World Souls. Or is there a Soul of the Universe that intertwines with all worlds — the Anima Universi?

This is, of course, more Brunian theory. Giordano Bruno was revolutionary in that he realized a proper view of atomism (which he adopted from Leucippus and his student Democritus) did not require that matter have an external cause, nor some separate internal principle in order for it to proliferate. Bruno’s philosophy of matter is rigidly monistic: intrinsically, matter possesses within itself the animating power of its own emergence. This, Bruno called “soul.”

Bruno rejected the views of Aristotle, as well as Democritus, Epicurus, and Lucretius in regards to matter because they portrayed it as devoid of any qualitative or quantitative value. His idea is that form and matter are factual, but not distinct:

In strict monism, the Aristotelian notion of the indissoluble interconnectedness of matter and form is paramount; matter and form are not two different and separate entities as they were in Platonic dualism, but two aspects or modes of the same physical reality (The Acentric Labyrinth, by Ramon G. Mendoza, Ph.D).

So, form and matter are two different “modes” of one physical reality. The idea of modes is vastly different than positing two distinct substances. Descartes would, later, take this to its extreme in his mechanistic dualism of mind of matter. Cogito ergo sum should have been Sum ergo cogito. Personally, I think the idea of “modes of being” can be successfully applied to epistemology and ontology, in the manner of Henry Corbin when he wrote of modes of Being and Presence.

The next iteration of Descartes’ phrase will be the revolutionary notion,  nos sunt, ergo cogitare, We are, therefore we think. This phrase can apply to both the polytheistic nature of the psyche, with its many personalities, and to the interconnectedness of humanity. Who knows, perhaps someday we will be talking about the interconnectedness of worlds!

The Soul of the Universe is the force of interconnectedness that binds us all together. If there be creatures on other worlds, then we, via this force, will bind them to us, as well. The primary points are that the infinite universe is One, and that this universe is composed of material that is not barren and lifeless. Rather, there is an infinite Soul behind everything; not separate from matter, but inherent in it. Through Soul, the universe is a living, flourishing organism. Bruno called this Mater Materia, Matter, the Universal Mother.

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