The Seven Principles of Hermeticism

The Seven Principles of Hermeticism

I plan on beginning a series of articles consisting of my thoughts on the seven principles of Hermeticism. I’m really just delving into them in detail for myself, but I am a mere neophyte. These articles will briefly state what I have to say on these topics as I traverse through them.

Usually, these short articles I write are simply musings and bits of thoughts. I began writing these small pieces in college. A philosophy professor of mine liked the Kierkegaardian idea of “philosophical fragments,” from the SK book of the same name. He required us to write, perhaps ten of these short pieces per term. The Danish word for “fragment” is smuler, which means “scrap” or “piece” as in “scraps of paper scattered on one’s desk.” Out of chaos arises some semblance of order, I suppose. I’ve found these to be a very good fit for blogging.

Notwithstanding, the next seven smulers will deal with the following Hermetic principles, taken mainly from The Kybalion.

1. Principle of Mentalism
2. Principle of Correspondence
3. Principle of Vibration
4. Principle of Polarity
5. Principle of Rhythm
6. Principle of Cause and Effect
7. Principle of Gender

The Kybalion is pretty cool, although I do find its language to be a bit outdated. It was written anonymously in the heyday of Spiritualism (1908) and not long after the origin of the so-called New Thought movement. Much of the terminology is a little odd to me. I will undoubtedly exchange ideas on Soul for “Mentalism,” for instance. This will also give me a chance to do some updated research on quantum physics, since it is discussed somewhat in The Kybalion during the presentation of the seven maxims.

As a precursor, it might be a good idea to read my article, The Emerald Tablet.

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