Nature Soul

Nature Soul

Today, instead of opting to tour a rich capitalist’s immense mansion here in Asheville for fifty bucks a head, I chose Nature at the North Carolina Arboretum. Parking cost me eight dollars for the entire day. It was a powerfully moving experience of Soul. The arboretum is just outside of town, nestled in one of the most beautiful locations in the surrounding area. If, indeed, there are vortices of energy in this area, this is certainly one of them. I’ve felt uplifted and full of energy the entire day.

When we arrived, a very polite gentleman greeted us and gave us some basic information before we began our ascent up the hill to where the arboretum is located. Upon entering the gate, one senses the powerful energy of Nature cleansing one of the stresses of modern life. Huge stonework on either side form retaining walls that look more like the walls of a giant’s abode. Beautiful trees and plants line the winding road leading to the main area.

We parked and walked to the exhibit center, where the current theme is Wicked Plants, which was bizarre, yet fascinating, in a Tim Burton sort of way. Basically, it’s all about poisonous plants, although there was one room that had a theme of psychoactive substances. If you get a chance to see this exhibit, do so. It’s very interesting.

Next, we exited the building and began strolling through the gardens. Words cannot describe it! The way the air feels in such an interconnected place is amazing, as I’m sure any gardener knows. I spent most of my time snapping photos; I probably took close to three hundred. Many of them will grace the pages of this blog for some time to come.

 I’m fascinated by the way garden designers use plants, stones, and water to create. Of course, they are simply mimicking the Anima Mundi, for She is the original genius behind it all. The stone and water are just as alive as the plants, in my estimation.

After seeing a map of the gardens, I was struck by the design of the walkways. They seem to have a sacred geometrical theme, which made it all the more fascinating.

The best part of the visit was seeing the bonsai exhibition. I can’t describe it, so I’ll show you some of my photos of these amazing things:

Those are just a few of the many pictures of bonsai plantings.

Now, can you feel the Soul?


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  1. I'm really liking your travel blog. This place looks like somewhere I'd like to visit someday… (on a more negative note, these word varifications are becoming impossible to read, even for a non-robot!)

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