My Story

My Story

I began my spiritual/philosophical quest as a very conservative Christian in the late 1970’s. This was, of course, after the typical teenage tomfoolery of the early to mid-70’s. I suppose I was always a Truth seeker; I simply didn’t know where to begin. I had been fascinated with esoteric matters from the age of about 12, however. Around age 18, I began attending a very conservative Christian church, met my wife, and married at age 20. Coming from a working-class background, I slaved in factories to make ends meet. This was a difficult life. Being always, a voracious reader, I began reading philosophy, first a Christian thinker named Francis Schaeffer. He made a lot of statements against thinkers like Heidegger and the Existentialist movement, which was pretty much over by that time. This led me to investigate Existentialism. I began with Kierkegaard, which was no day in the park. From SK, I ended up reading most  Existentialist thinkers from the past, including people like Augustine, Pascal, Nietzsche, Dostoevsky, Heidegger, Sartre, Camus, et al. The list is long. I read this kind of thing for years. In the process, I earned my B.A. degree in Philosophy.

The sad part of this story is that I injured my back on the job around 1982 and suffered with pain for a long, long time. In 1987, I experienced a ruptured disk, the first of 3. To make a long story short, I underwent 4 back surgeries and was put on Social Security disability in 1992. Losing my job brought about a Dark Night of the Soul. But, I suppose, in retrospect, it was a great blessing.

During this time, I was reading everything I could get my hands on about philosophy and spirituality. Then, I met Carl Jung. His books changed my life and challenged my worldview. I began to see through what I had been experiencing. Later, about 1995, I started reading James Hillman and Joseph Campbell. These were very big influences on me.

I was on disability until I graduated college in 1998. Since I had been a computer hobbyist from the early-80’s on, I got a job doing computer support. Over the years, I have gained enough experience to get me where I am now. Today, I am a systems administrator in a high-performance computing data center. It’s a good job and I’m thankful, but it is not what I wanted to do with my life.

Thanks to all my readers for visiting this blog. You guys are great!


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  1. Thank you, Steve. The world is depending on us. We must be the prophetic voices who hold civilization to a higher standard, not necessarily of morality (that helps, though), but one of the conscious awareness of truth. Greater awareness can save our world from tyrants and fools who deny the power of the soul. Keep up the good work!

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