Asheville Soul

Asheville Soul

We’re hanging out in Asheville this week, taking advantage of all the good vibes. CBS did a piece in 1996 about this place, calling it a “New Age Mecca.” There’s a lot of good stuff going on in Asheville. The Anima Mundi is doing amazing things here. The Indie of Asheville provides a really good rundown on this amazing place.

I’ve got to get a map or GPS or something! I got lost twice today! I guess I’m just following the vibes. 🙂

We stopped in for dinner at Neo Cantina, a really great Tex-Mex joint in Biltmore Square. It was an amazing meal, filled to the brim with Soul. The service was excellent. I highly recommend it.

Asheville would be a great place for writers to live. I’m sure there are many here, since the artist vibe is so powerful. It would be a great place to drink in the Soul of the place and allow it to permeate one’s work.

Tomorrow, we plan on visiting the North Carolina Arboretum to check out their Wicked Plants exhibit.I’ll try and provide an update.

There are mystics who claim that powerful vortices of energy exist around the Asheville area.

Since moving to Waynesville, NC, not far from Asheville, Page Bryant (who was spiritually told to leave Sedona to come here) has written the definitive metaphysical book about the area, The Spiritual Reawakening Of The Great Smoky Mountains. According to Bryant, there are many vortices (bioelectric energy points) spread across the planet. These vortices could be compared to acupuncture points on the human body. They are junctions of crossings of ley lines, or meridians, that cover the earth’s surface. Some of these vortices are dormant, much the same as dry river beds, while some are awake or awakening. There are twenty-four active vortices between Black Mountain and Waynesville, and many more power spots. This is one of the most concentrated number of vortices and power points anywhere in this country…over 24 major ones (!

I have to admit, to someone of my Soulish bent, this is pretty intriguing. The spirituality of the Cherokee Nation, who inhabited these mountains for centuries, is called Keetoowah. It is still strong in these mountains. A people who were so in touch with the environment surely knew the significance of this place.

Anyway, my imagination is running wild here this week! 🙂


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