The Mandorla: The Eye of Soul

The Mandorla: The Eye of Soul


When I wrote the original Eyes of the Soul article, I missed a very important idea behind the mandorla symbol. Again, a mandorla is the intersection of two overlapping circles:


The word, mandorla, means “almond” in Italian for obvious reasons.

Recently, I’ve been writing much about the idea that all entities that are part of this material world have a counterpart on a higher, more subtle layer of reality. Humans, as well, have a Fravashi or Daimon. I don’t really like to use the word “angel” because it dredges up all the images of winged men, women, and babies that artists have created through the centuries. I think our Counterparts are the perfected images of ourselves. But, I digress.

Back to the mandorla. I believe the two circles represent the human and its Daimon. The mandorla is the area of intersection, which, of course, is Soul. The Soul of the Daimon and the Soul of the human inseparably linked together throughout the earthly life of the human. It also represents the common point of meeting between the Anima Mundi and the human Soul.

This intensifies the meaning of the mandorla symbol, which, by the way, contains myriad meanings, as any powerful symbol does. We usually see it in Christian art with Jesus and the Virgin Mary, but the mandorla has been a religious and spiritual symbol for millennia.

Here are some words of inspiration from the blog, Simple Mind Zen:

Some of the most beautiful mandorlas in European monuments feature this particular subject. “The mandorla is so important in our torn world” that re-examining it is of great significance. There is a tendency to divide the self, to banish elements of self and let them live unobserved alongside the “known” self. However in doing so, considerable energy is sidelined into what is sometimes called the “shadow.” But they will not stay hidden forever and have the habit of returning; asserting their energy, like it or not.

When that day of reckoning comes, and there may be many over a period of time, the mandorla is a wonderfully healing help. It begins to focus one upon the self and the re-emerging split. Mandorla starts first as something very tiny, a sliver really, and as it grows, greater overlap occurs; the self is re-made more whole, stronger and more complete.

Binding together, making holy the unholy; mandorla is a profound religious and spiritual experience. It is the place of poetry, where the fire becomes the rose, where this is that, where transformation is great synthesis.

So, the mandorla represents the link between the Self, which I believe is the connection between our Daimon and our Soul. It is also the link between the World Soul and the individual Soul.

We have forgotten these ancient symbols  in our materialistic culture of today, but they are bubbling back up from the collective unconscious. It is for good reason, for we live in a time of great awakening as to who we are as humans and where we are headed.

We are not destined for a dystopian world of corporatocracy. We cannot allow a handful of insidious financiers to rule our planet. We are divine. It is not a matter of violent revolution; it is a matter of a revolutionary outlook on life that, at the forefront, is love for our fellow humans.T he goal is to merge the two circles together as One.

We are inextricably linked to divinity. If we choose a planet where love is predominant, our Counterparts will fulfill their roles as our guides and helpers. It is up to us. Pray for peace.

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13 thoughts on “The Mandorla: The Eye of Soul

  1. Hi, I just came across this term whilst writing a poem about the Halo as the Soul or “helmet of salvation” (Ephesians 6:17). The mandorla seems to be more of a body-halo. I like the idea of intersecting circles. yours James

  2. The circle the sign of the soul,
    two circles overlapping, means, something great in progress, two souls combined, creates a sort of ideal, that none of them, could do on its own, they need each other !
    Your pictures are beautiful.
    Kerstin Eriksson

  3. The daimon is an angel, the Solar Angel which accompanies us all through the ages. If you had seen, you would know. A lighted being, complete with wings and highly charged with electrical energy.

  4. One day early morning i was cleaning up the house, my husband was in the shower and i started making the bed . Well i finished and i went into the bathroom to talk to my husband. I came out and me being a perfectionist I started aligning the pillows and there on my husbands side of the bed were two perfect circles intertwined. I stared at it and not thinking nuthn of it i rubbed my hand over it ..Then I realized what did i do!.i should have taken picture!.I immediately told my husband. , he was like what??? Im like what was that ? What did it mean?. So i googled and i found this article! True Story!

  5. Q: Aren’t the 2 circles overlapping each other called ‘Vesica Piscis’? Greets, SW

  6. Last night I had went outside to smoke a cigarette around 1:20 a.m. I stood where I normally stand at on the side of my trailer. I looked down on the ground to my right side. And there I seen 2 circles intertwined together. Then to the left of it there was a circle with symbols inside it. I was very puzzled at first. Nobody was outside that time of the morning. I would of heard them by my window . After seeing the circles. I ran my right foot across them. To remove the symbols out of the dirt. I should have taken a picture of it. It was amazing.

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