Bringing Forth the Light in Matter

Bringing Forth the Light in Matter

We have learned there exists in Nature, in all material things, a divine spark, the Lumen Naturae, the Light of Nature. Our world is not a plethora of dead, lifeless objects, waiting to be dissected by the  disciples of scientism. On the contrary! The Earth is filled with scintillating, soulful beings, full of vibrance and vitality. Western society once thought that material objects were without energy until the discoveries of quantum physics. Now, we know, through the work of dedicated seekers of Truth, scientists not concerned with scientific dogma, that matter is quite lively, indeed!

We have learned that spiritual alchemy, inner work, active imagination, etc. nurture this light and bring it forth from our own material abode. Our Twin Soul, what twelfth century philosopher, Averroes, calls “Active Intelligence,”  is a unique celestial Individual who is our counterpart and who is the perfected and timeless fulfillment of each individual Soul dwelling on this planet. It is this Being’s Light which comes to pour forth from us.

At the moment when the soul discovers itself to be a stranger and alone in a world formerly familiar, a personal figure appears on its horizon, a figure that announces itself to the soul personally because it symbolizes with the soul’s most intimate depths. In other words, the soul discovers itself to be the earthly counterpart of another being with which it forms a totality that is dual in structure. The two elements of this dualitude may be called the ego and the Self, or the transcendent celestial Self and the earthly Self, or by still other names. It is from this transcendent Self that the soul originates in the past of meta-history; this Self had become strange to it while the soul slumbered in the world of ordinary consciousness; but it ceases to be strange to it at the moment when the soul in turn feels itself a stranger in this world. This is why the soul requires an absolutely individual expression of this Self, one that could pass into the common stock of symbolism (or into allegory) only at the cost of its painfully won individual differentiation being repressed, leveled, and abolished by ordinary consciousness (Henry Corbin, Avicenna, pg. 20-22).

It is to be noted that Corbin’s entire campaign of Soul is based on the ontological ramifications of the state of individuality humans find themselves in. The Being of this Being, who is our Celestial Twin, makes possible all that we experience in this world. As we work inwardly, as our Soul-house is constructed in this realm, we begin to allow the effusion of Light to radiate from us, to our fellows, to the world. This Twin is the Archetype of our individual Soul. 

Tom Cheetham puts it this way:

The unity, individuality and Presence of “every being…belonging to the world of Light,” depends upon the connection with the Angel, the archetype in Heaven.This guarantees that every such being can be more itself, more real, more alive, to the degree that it is in contact with this celestial Presence. We misunderstand Presence if we restrict it to human persons, though they can express it more perfectly than any other beings. It is a potential lying within all created things of the world of Light. But it is also true that we can perceive this quality in the world around us only to the degree that we have come to live it ourselves. The ultimate source of this Living Spirit is the same for all the beings of Light (The World Turned Inside Out, by Tom Cheetham, pg 90). 

How do we allow the divine Being to shine forth from us? By choosing, foremost of all, love. Then, put into practice what we have learned from the teachers of Soul we have come across. They have been sent to bring us closer to the Light. For myself, personally, there are many. These would include Carl Jung, James Hillman, Henry Corbin, Martin Heidegger, Soren Kierkegaard, Imannuel Kant, and a host of others. From each teacher we encounter, we learn a little more about ourselves and our heavenly counterparts. No, I am not perfect; neither are you. We will never be perfect in this realm. The striving for Light in this mortal body is, however, our destiny.

It is not just we humans that emanate this heavenly Light; all of creation has this potential. A flower is a perfect example. Remember what the Buddha said:

If we could see the miracle of a single flower, our whole life would change.

 Nature is replete with an effulgence of Light. Isn’t it wonderful to be a part of it all?

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