Achetypal Brain Part II

Achetypal Brain Part II

In my discussion of Adam Kadmon, or The Cosmic Man, I failed to mention that this symbolic representation of the divine protoplastus should really not be taken as a strictly masculine symbol. It is not. This figure has traditionally been viewed as androgynous:

The yearning to return to an original condition of life has as presupposition the belief that man descends from a divine hermaphrodite thought to have been the progenitor and paradigm of all creation. In the first treatise of the Corpus Hermeticum (“The Poimandres”), a collection of sacred documents attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, the reputed father of the alchemical art, the archetypal androgyne appears as the macrocosmic Primal Man “commensurate with . . . physical creation.” (Stanza my Stone: Wallace Stevens and the Hermetic Tradition, by Leonora Woodman).

This filius macrocosmi was believed to bring together in itself all aspects of Nature. Humanity was thought to have once been united to this hermaphroditic reality. Humanity and Nature connected, this is what we have lost and what we must, once again, regain.

As I stated earlier, in Adam Kadmon, the Macrocosmic Brain plays a similar role; it is an informational interface between the World Soul, anima mundi, and the collective consciousness of all humanity. The Macrocosmic Brain is simply a powerful and complex tool for Soul to process information from the World Soul to our consciousness. Don’t forget that this is not to be taken literally, but mythopoetically.  The lesson of this myth is that all things, Nature, Humanity, and the Divine, are interrelated.

At some point in human history, it is believed that we experienced a Fall into a polarized state of being, where the union of Humanity, Nature, and the Divine was breached. This state of disconnectedness was a dire reality for humans, leaving us with a spark of divinity, what Paracelsus calls “the star in us,” but no direction as to how we should restore and reintegrate that lost state of beneficence.

The very fact that I am sitting here writing this article proves that there is a movement in the World Soul, not only within me, but in all seekers of Truth, that will eventually reunite us with what has been lost. This has been occurring now for some time, but seems to be growing stronger, as consciousness of these matters disseminates and permeates throughout the Earth.

Consciousness brings about integration; we know this from Carl Jung. The Macrocosmic Brain will play a prominent role in processing information from the Divine, as it emanates down through the realms of being and into our hearts, providing us with the knowledge we need to complete our journey back to The Center.

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