Imagination Shapes Our Reality

Imagination Shapes Our Reality

 I’ve been interested in how the mind works most of my life. Early on, I read a lot of books on so-called positive thinking and creative visualization. I did what they told me and became bitter and depressed because things didn’t always work out like I had imagined. I practiced affirmations until I was blue in the face, but usually it was a big disappointment. I figured it was just me. I didn’t have what it took to make it work.

But as I look back on those years, I don’t think I realized that things don’t always work out immediately. I was young and impatient. Most of what I imagined back then has since come to pass, except for the millions, of course. That was probably a fortuitous occurrence, since money causes so many problems, which I would rather avoid.

I’ve been toying with an idea that I know is not original, but is, nevertheless, intriguing. The akasa, in Hindu thought, is

the most material stratum of the nonphysical energies surrounding our planet, analogous to the soul of the world, it functions as a complete reservoir of memory containing the record of every impression and event that has ever occurred on earth. Filled with potential prototypes of all thoughts, forms, and beings, its operations are outside the space-time reference that applies to the physical plane. The physical world is in fact an extension of the astral, which latter contains a range of potencies and emanations, thoughts and beings, either benign or inimical to life on earth (Mind, Memory, and the Astral Light, by John Van Mater, Jr.)

This medium, akasa, could be plastic and malleable. It is related to what Henry Corbin called the mundus imaginalis, or the world of the imaginal, the realm of the daimones. We may be able to shape it with our thoughts and images. I think this may be what is behind creative visualization and positive thinking. I know creative imagination works to a certain extent, or I would not be sitting here today, typing these words. I probably would not have the ability to walk, after having four very serious back surgeries.

If we can shape the akasa with the imagination, and our lives are a product of molding akasa and being attentive to the daimones, then we are truly creators of our own realities. Fascinating prospect, that.

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