Deceit, Mendacity, and Manipulation

Deceit, Mendacity, and Manipulation

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Each religion has got their own way of making you feel like a victim. The Christians say ‘you are a sinner’, and you better just zip up your trousers and give the money to the pope and we’ll give you a room up in the hotel in the sky. —Timothy Leary, Timothy Leary’s Last Trip

Guilt is one of the primary tools used in our culture to manipulate us, whether it be by so-called religious leaders, politicians, managers, or family members. It is a deep-seated problem in human existence, especially in the Western mindset. These people are ego-driven and want only to fulfil their own desires at our expense.

For millennia, we have been pummeled over the head with our sin and degradation by religious zealots. We have been told that when The Fall occurred, man turned against God and became a sinful and shameful creature. This is an old myth that has been turned on its head by those who desired only to manipulate the masses in order to control them. I’ll not get into my own personal ideas concerning The Fall, but I will say that, in my opinion, it is about consciousness, and not to be taken literally. Most manipulators of myth take them literally, thereby fully displaying their ignorance.

Why do they want us to think we are loathsome creatures? Perhaps they are frightened by the possibility we might discover the truth, that we are really god-like ourselves. Is this the reason organized religions exist, i.e., to control the power and potential of the people through lies concerning their true destiny? This was the secret concealed by the mystery schools; could it be true? Why were the esotericists intent on keeping their secrets for only a few chosen students? Would it be dangerous if these truths found their way into the minds of the masses?

You can be certain of one thing: we are being lied to daily by those in positions of authority. And though the mystery schools don’t seem to be as prominent in our culture as they once were, say, in ancient Greece, there are still those who would conceal the truth from us on a regular basis.

The primary method of manipulating the masses in our day is the television, especially cable TV. TV programs are aptly named, as someone reminded me recently. The masses are indeed programmed via their TVs everyday. Instead of being used as an educational and informational tool to edify our culture, it has long been controlled by giant corporations, whose only desire is to talk you into buying something so the stockholders and CEO’s can own many fancy cars, live in many fancy houses, and buy all the cocaine they desire.

We live at a time when capitalism’s inner demons are beginning to be exhumed from the catacombs of the human ego, when love for the almighty dollar and her sister greed blinds those basking in the hypnotizing light of greenbacks and materialism. This phenomenon, combined with the addictions spurred by power and pomposity, has created in the last several decades a need by the powerful elite to manipulate and condition the masses; to transform and mold us into subservient drones that neither think, question, participate or demand (The Stupefaction of a Nation, Manuel Valenzuela).

The entire article, The Stupefaction of a Nation, can read here. It’s very good.

Television is a wonderful invention. If used properly, it can be very beneficial. But, in our so-called corporatocracy, we are mere pawns of the elite, i.e., if we allow them to control our hearts and minds.

I began this article discussing how we’ve been lied to for thousands of years concerning our role as humans in this world. They tell us we are filthy sinners. They claim to know what’s best for us, that all we need is to accept Christ into our hearts and all will be well. Jesus himself would be appalled at the things put forth in his name.

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