Can you imagine what it would be like to live without timekeeping
devices of any kind, except the sun and moon? Clocks, like other gadgets
in our culture, have come to be viewed as absolute necessities. Just
think of how we rely on clocks to order our daily lives. It is a rare
individual who doesn’t need to know the time. I was on disability for a
few years; I really didn’t need to be any particular place at any
particular time, but I still had to know when my favorite TV shows came
on. It just amazes me how reliant we are on something that is so

Linear time is really just a construct of the human
mind. Kant did a good job of showing this in his Critique Of Pure
Reason. The
sense of time is just an illusion we create and then we drive ourselves
crazy trying to get to work on time, meet certain deadlines, go to
meetings at an appointed time, etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.
Such shenanigans are created by the mind to keep us under the illusion that
we’re accomplishing something extremely important, when, in all
actuality, we are like dogs chasing our tails.

So, if linear
time is a construct of the mind, there must be other elements of ourselves
that experience timelessness. This is obvious in dreams because there is
no sense of time. Dreams transport us to another level of reality where time is meaningless.

What if reality is actually taking place
while we sleep, in the dream-state? What if our dayworld experience is
merely an illusion? To the dreaming-me, these dayworld images make
absolutely no sense. Perhaps I, the dreamer, consider them terrifying
daymares. I wonder if Dreaming-I tries to interpret and derive meaning
from these daymares?

One thought on “Daymares

  1. I do not wear a watch any longer and I often have to stop and think what day it is. I do work an odd schedule and set an alarm clock as a fail safe – however I do usually wake minutes before it sounds no matter what time I set it! Time is just like money – (or the mind) a tool to be used. Why is it that man is usually the tool that ends up getting used?

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