Cthonic Awakening

Cthonic Awakening

The following link points to a fascinating article by Vadge Moore entitled, Chthonic: From Beast To Godhead. It’s mind-blowing. Here is a taste:

One problem we encounter in the spirituality of this contemporary Western world is a distinct lack of depth or of darkness. Too many people want to immerse themselves in the light and airy, feel-good religions of the New Age movement and refuse to face the dark, evil aspects that have always been part and parcel of all myths and religions. As Moore suggests, “The deepening of religion – making it earthy and chthonic – is one of the greatest challenges facing religion in the West today. Without depth, religion can become too sweetly spiritual and top-heavy with its focus on higher consciousness and the idealized moral life” (From Cthonic, by Vadge Moore).

Read the entire article. It’s very interesting in the light of integrating the Shadow.

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