Aletheia & Postmodernism

Aletheia & Postmodernism

While trying to catch up on my reading, I was happy to find this wonderful article by our friend, Tapio, over at Aletheia called On Aletheia In A Postmodern World. I’d like to quote a few lines, if I may, that I found to be very meaningful and edifying:

. . . for many of us our psyche’s are profoundly not resonant with this easily nihilistically colored view on existence. For many of us there is deep within a sense for more profound knowledge. That sense comes from direct inner experience of the Truth of Being, which is dynamic in its nature, and in this much more than just ‘subjective’ in the totality of the Universe.

Nihilism is something the thinking person constantly wrestles with in our day. Tapio has very succinctly stated what I have believed most of my life. I’ve never embraced atheism because I think it is more a reaction to theism than it is a philosophy based on the phenomenological, existential experience of being human. I have never embraced nihilism because I feel it is a reaction to the loss of meaning experienced by many when they abandon the religion of their childhood. Even though I have greatly experienced angst, in the Kierkegaardian sense, I have never felt that being human was without a sense of beauty. 

I think Tapio has it right when he says,

What you can be sure about even in a Zeitgeist of postmodernism is that you are the ultimate source of happiness and power in your own life. If you step outside the magic circle of your own Self-based conscious power, you let psychic vampires feast on you and you fool yourself to play with categorically bad cards with your Master Game – your life. As long as you remember to not compromise regarding staying in touch and being informed and inspired by your most noble sense of the Truth of your Being, you base yourself to the most profound source of power and happiness in the world – your Self. This is something that no one can take away from you, that no one can make uncertain or relative – no matter how postmodern the world may be.

 It is true that humans do not experience the immersion in life that we once did, prior to man’s so-called “search for meaning.” In the West, we have stepped outside the magic circle of our being, only to find a world that is disconnected from the True. The psychic vampires have feasted on us for centuries now. It would be so easy to follow the herd and assent to the positivists, those who kneel at the altar of scientism. It would be an easy road to travel in this world. But that is not who we are.

Tapio uses the word, Self, as Jung did, to describe the truth at the core of our being. This Self is our Soul, our Messenger, our Guardian, our Angel. By our daily actions, and our daily quest for Aletheia, we are individuating this powerful Being, bringing it into our world.

This is it. This is the key. Aletheia. Thank you, Tapio.

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