The Broken Wheel

The Broken Wheel

 I stood before the four judges and wondered what would become of me. Or is it me? Is it Them? Me seems so selfish, so single-minded. I wondered whether they would realize that I wasn’t only me?

After much ruminating, it was decided I would spend a season in the bowels of the earth, but not a season. Actually, it was a non-season, if you will.

Soon afterwards, (or was it prior to?) We found ourselves in a lovely green meadow, filled with richly colored flowers and emerald grass. There were other selves there as well, all having returned from their just deserts. We told ourselves about our experiences. There was much talk of wailing and gnashing of teeth. Also, various pleasantries were described. One set of selves told of a beautiful woman with long flowing hair and silky soft skin.

We also talked of how we would be forced to return to the Dark Place, for it was appointed unto us to fall once again. These discussions began to draw us toward the Hinge of the Universe, The Spindle of the Moirae, where we drew our lots. Then, the Great Decision was before us and we were thrown forcibly onto a searing hot desert floor where two rivers flowed. Having drank of these, we fell into a deep sleep and dreamed of a broken wheel.


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