Frozen by Sol, I made my way through the labyrinthine forest, stopping only occasionally to gaze at hoary stalagmites growing upwards toward a blackened ceiling. This was a strange place to be for one in my condition. For, you see, I have a disease known as Discontentedness. Some learn to live with it for many years, to the detriment of all green things. But, me, I am one who has sought to escape its fatal clutches. I have chosen this twisted, tangled road I now find myself on, because of its high magic.

The horrid sickness is terminal, if allowed to fester. So, I continue on, ever searching. Antagonistically, I chose to be frozen by the great Sol and wander this maze until I find the Cure.

After passing through an area where fiery talons reached down from the boughs and tried to snatch me upward, I came to a kind of misty clearing where I saw in the distance what seemed to be a large python slithering away into the deep entanglement. I spotted a many-colored waterfall on its back, where aurora water gushed from its bowels onto the forest floor.

I climbed a nearby flower to see if I could catch the essence of its fragrance, and, perchance, see where the mighty serpent had gone, but I was too late. The python had found me. Its waters engulfed me in a mighty current of its power and I was returned to my point of origin. I would not find the Cure on this day, but I would return, again and again. Next time, I will be ready to traverse the great waterfall.

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