Black Friday Transformed

Black Friday Transformed

Let’s face it, friends, the shopping melee, that occurs the day after Thanksgiving, is not benefiting us. In fact, it simply empowers corporations to have even more control over our lives than they do now. I know, I know, you’re going to tell me you save a lot of money because of the so-called “sweet deals.” But, think about it. Are retailers that stupid? Are they really trying to save you money, perhaps out of their immense compassion for the American shopper? Come on, people! Wake up!

Corporations will turn a profit at any cost. They have never stopped to think whether their marketing schemes do more harm than good. They have never cared one iota whether their actions would benefit or harm our society. Understand this: anything that stems from a blatant lie is not good for you or your fellow-citizens. If you want to learn more about the history of so-called “public relations” and marketing, watch this documentary.

If, after viewing it, if you still think retailers are thinking only of you, and saving you from spending your very hard-earned dollars, you may need to seek professional help.

So, what if, instead of camping out on the doorstep at Best Buy or the local mall on Thanksgiving night, why don’t we just stay home and sleep in our friggin’ beds?! Why don’t we stay in our pajamas all friggin’ day on Friday and not buy a single solitary thing?! Let’s boycott Black Friday! Let’s turn it into some other color, like Blue Friday because, for example, we stay home all day and listen to friggin’ blues music on our free Spotify account!

Folks, our nation needs you. You will be participating in an act of patriotism by boycotting Black Friday. The 1% cares nothing for you. Your are chattel to them. Don’t buy into the lies perpetrated by the mainstream media. Be an American hero.


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