Frank Roper

Frank Roper

A man named Frank Roper was brutalized today in Denver for touching a policeman’s precious motorcycle. Mr. Bigshot Denver motorcycle cop, with his really macho SWAT gear, apparently got his feelings hurt because Mr. Roper touched his shiny little motorcycle. When the violence was finished, Frank looked like this:

Denver police, your patrol cars have written on the sides, “To Serve And Protect.” Really? Is this how you carry out your sworn oath to serve and protect the citizens of Denver? Are you mad at them because these Occupy protesters are focusing the spotlight on what you’ve gotten away with for decades. The people who you really serve and protect are the 1%, admit it.

What I don’t understand is, what do you get out of it? A pay raise? They’re trying to annihilate your unions. They don’t want to give you higher pay; you’ll be lucky if you still have a job in six months! So, is it just a thrill to brutalize innocent people? Is that how you get your kicks? Well, get ready. You will have lots of opportunities in the near future because these people are not backing down. They will not allow you to intimidate them with your little toy rubber bullets and tear gas. You and your families would be better served if you join them. We’re all in this together, you know. You will never be part of the 1%.

Entire video is here.


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