Doomed, I peered into the Cavern of Time from my lowly position atop the
livid mountain. For the first time, I realized what the Grey Ones had
spoken about eons ago. It had been a warning to the earth, a
prognostication. The portent had said that we would lift our voices and
bring everlasting peace to this tired, sick planet. The veins of gold
beneath us would cause upheaval, resulting in the opening of great
fissures, rips in time that would consume the hopes of one percent of the people. Peace
would never come; it was merely a lie perpetrated on us by mendacious
maniacs. The warfare we had longed for had been consumed by the fires of

I stood aghast at the accuracy of the prophecy now
being fulfilled before me. Everywhere was Chaos. The gaping tears in the
fabric of Being now lay at my feet, undulating, bleeding themselves
out. Was this what the old ones meant by Armageddon?

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