Democratic Capitalism? Yeah, Right!

Democratic Capitalism? Yeah, Right!

Is it still true that we in America enjoy a capitalist democracy? I am of the opinion that we do not. In fact, capitalism and democracy are hurtling away from each other at a seeming break-neck speed.

The interests of capitalists, these days, are diametrically opposed to the good of the people. This, of course, is no new development. Capitalism has been gnawing away at our political voice for a good number of years. The corporate lobbying that is so much a part of “our government” is blatantly anti-democratic. Why? Because, apparently, the money promised to politicians is just impossible to turn down.  Campaigns cost a lot of money and we citizens don’t have the kind of cash on hand that would help these poor ladies and gentlemen get elected. Hence, elitist business interests take precedence over the needs of the masses for health care, education, good roads, etc. It’s not even a debate anymore; it’s overwhelmingly obvious!

A capitalist democracy may sound good in theory, and might even be possible if campaign finance laws were changed. But, it is not a part of current reality. We vote for candidates of two predominant parties that have the same underlying agenda; we go to the polls, telling ourselves that we will vote for the lesser of two evils; but the lesser of two evils is still evil. It is evil when corporations, in the guise of possessing the rights of an individual, exert control over the populace, via seducing our leaders into their bed of harlotry, to the disparagement of millions of people who try their best everyday to put food on the table, to provide shelter, and to feed and clothe their children. It is evil when our supposed leaders take heed to the interests of corporations, and their lust for more profits, to the detriment of the well-being of millions of American men, women, and children. This is not simply a misunderstanding on the part of our leaders; they fully realize what they’re doing.

I envision a day when Washington D.C decides to do the right thing and reject the allure of filthy lucre. If there were ever a day on our history when morality was needed, people, it is NOW!


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