Heidegger and the Book of Tea

Heidegger and the Book of Tea

While doing some research on Heidegger’s idea of Dasein this evening, I came across an interesting bit of knowledge I was previously unaware of. Apparently, a Japanese philosopher named Tomonubu Imamichi claims that Heidegger was inspired by his countryman, Okakura Kakuzō’s notion of  

das In-der-Welt-sein (to be in the being of the world) expressed in The Book of Tea in an attempt to describe Zhuangzi‘s philosophy for Westerners. Imamichi’s teacher had offered the German translation of The Book of Tea to Heidegger in 1919, after having followed lessons with him the year before.[1] In 1968, Imamichi was invited by Hans-Georg Gadamer, a student of Heidegger, for lectures at Heidelberg, but their relationship became very cool after Imamichi pointed out that Heidegger had not given the source of his concept of the Dasein (Wikipedia article on Tomonubu Imamichi).

 I must investigate The Book of Tea further. Very intriguing.


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