Psychiatric Failure!

Psychiatric Failure!

The article in today’s New York Times, Talk Doesn’t Pay, So Psychiatry Turns To Drug Therapy, is quite interesting, but not surprising. This is what occurs in a democratic republic turned corporatocracy. The masses suffer for the good of the corporation and its shareholders. Keep a nation drugged and, apparently, you can sell them anything.


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2 thoughts on “Psychiatric Failure!

  1. Talk therapy may not “pay” as the title states, but it can work, albeit slowly. Oddly enough, simply talking, to ANYONE can often help some of my more depressive moods. My general mistrust and loathing of all things corporate, mass-produced, and popular prevents me from ever venturing into the realm of psychiatric meds… But perhaps they do help some…;)

  2. Agreed. The so-called “talking cure” discovered by Josef Breuer, and popularized by Sigmund Freud, has been amazingly beneficial to mankind.

    To medicate patients instead of encouraging them to cathartically release their repressions through talk is the height of laziness and greed. These psychiatrists want to get paid, but they don't want to wallow in the mire of their patients' pathologicalizations.

    Anti-depressants may help some sufferers, but they cannot be the panacea that TV commercials make them out to be. Even if they do help at all, it is merely a palliative.


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