An Uncertain Destination

An Uncertain Destination

Life in the world today is an exercise in uncertainty, even futility. Those of use who think of ourselves as truth seekers must be feeling that things are whirling quickly out of control.

The level of corruption we witness on a daily basis is more than we can fathom. Greed has eaten away the last vestiges of America’s moral fiber. Things we once refused to do are now carried out freely and willingly in the name of corporate profit. What once was undertaken in the name of humanity, we perform for the good of the company. Even religion has become distasteful, being sodden with the filthy lucre of politics, capitalism, and radical rightist propaganda, not to mention the sexual crimes we hear about on an almost daily basis.

We have truly lost our way. For years, we’ve heard the warnings, but we have not heeded. Now, we stand on a precipice of history, waiting to see if the ground under our feet will give way, plunging us into an abyss, or whether we will be able to build a bridge to the other side.

Politicians are not the answer; we’ve found that out in the last two years. Neither political party cares about you. They will always serve their largest contributors.

The economy is not the answer; it may be the weakest link in the chain of our destiny. We don’t need more consumers; we need more truthers!

Organized religion is a failure of the highest order. It will never save us.

Friends, only the truth will save us. And, today, we see it being covered up and glossed over at every turn. Seek truth within yourself. Whatever means we have of gaining truth must be pursued to the Nth degree. Let us begin.


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