Why Is Love Not Enough?

Why Is Love Not Enough?

We have all heard the Beatles’ inspiring song, All You Need Is Love. It’s such an amazing tune, written in the midst of the utter chaos of late-Sixties wartime and social unrest. Lennon’s words reverberate down the corridors of Time: “It’s easy..all you need is love…love is all you need.” Such a simple message! It was probably the first time the world had been exposed to this message on such a grand scale in centuries, perhaps two millennia. You would think it would have ignited a renaissance of love. Alas!

Love (selfless, empathetic, and unmitigated), in my thinking, seems to be the ultimate teaching. If the masses were to embrace it, the world would be revolutionized. All mankind would benefit. Since this does not seem to be occurring, my question is, why is love not enough? I realize we will never experience Utopia. Such a view is a product of naivete. The only love we seem to be experiencing these days on a mass scale is the love of money.

But, not to digress,  love is really all we need. It was the central message of Christ’s teachings when he walked the earth. Jesus did not come to start a world religion. His entire thrust was to try and get everyone he encountered to understand that love is all you need; plain and simple. Things got mucked up when some of his followers decided they were special and needed to tell everyone else what to do and how to live, when all the time the message was simply, ” Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” No need for dogma, no need for hierarchy, etc. Just love one another!

Jesus also said that what he did, everyone else who followed this one teaching, could do also. Amazingly simple! No need for beating people over the head with threats of hellfire and damnation, no need for elaborate ritual and pomp. Just love!

Did Jesus “die for our sins?” I ask, what is sin? A missing of the mark, of course. What mark? What target are we shooting at? Love, of course. Love, in all its glory.

Do we need to recite a special prayer to be “saved?” I say, love is all you need! That’s what Jesus taught. Away with Jewish requirements for sacrifice! Away with Paul’s juridical insistence on “redemption!” The Law was fulfilled in one word, Love. Love is all you need.

Our world has been ripped to shreds for two millennia because of religion. It has caused the deaths of hundreds of millions; it has wrecked lives that deserved better, lives that had a real thirst for Truth, i.e. Love.

This is not a call, or a reduction of Christ’s teaching, to a more ethical life. This is full-blown experiential humanity! This is why we are on this planet.

You may claim this is just another touchy-feely, New Agey message. Say whatever you like. Just let me know why love is not enough.



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