One evening, I sat on the beach here at Palmetto Dunes and gazed into the vast expanse of water we call the Atlantic Ocean. It was twilight and the moon was on the rise. The waves crashed gently, creating chaotic foam-swirls at my feet. The sound of the ocean was hypnotic, inducing a trance-like state of consciousness.

On the eastern horizon, I could just make out several lights, probably from shrimp boats. The scene was quite magical and picturesque.

I thought to myself, “This is the mother of us all, for all life on earth originated in the sea.”

The ocean is, of course, one of the classic symbols of what Jung deemed the collective unconscious. But that sounds so cliche nowadays, so banal. Symbols don’t mean much on paper, but the living experience of so great a phenomenon is just amazing.

Many people take the ocean for granted because they live so close to it. I grew up in the Midwest and didn’t witness the power of the sea until about ten years ago. When I come to it now, it is much like a pilgrimage to my point of origin. I love to sit before it, as a student would sit before a teacher. The experience is so overwhelming! If one desires to know the power of Soul, go sit by the ocean for awhile, close your eyes, empty your mind of all distractions, and just enjoy the trip.

Sometimes when I gaze out upon the ocean
I dwell on its vastness in amazing clarity

I try to capture the totality of its size
within me, to absorb its seemingly endless distance

When the ocean air flows around me
as gentle as a breeze can be
I try to capture the sun’s rays
keeping it within me, within my mind

I find solace in the ocean
I retreat to it like a place of refuge

When the days become shorter
and the breezes cooler
I walk on the sand in solitude
joyful in the presence of divine nature

The waves crash and its sound
lulls and comforts my weary soul

as if in a dream
the ocean soothes my restless mind
its divine peace, a cure
to my saddened heart

We are like waves
a movement that is a flicker of
that great ocean

We may reach the shore and cease to exist
but like a wave we are forever part of
the ocean.
–by randomguru

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