Birth Pangs

Birth Pangs

Occasionally, when things look dark and dismal in the world, as they very much do now, the voice inside my head reminds me that such times are simply birth-pangs. A new society is struggling to be born. From the ashes of the twentieth-century totalitarian paradigm, a great Phoenix is rising. No, it will not be a Third Awakening of religious devotion; rather, it will be an awakening of humans devoting themselves to one another, to care for one another, to befriend one another. People of the world are becoming cognizant of the fact that we need each other to survive on this planet.

There are always two sides to the same coin. We all know this. It’s elementary. Dark cannot exist without light and vice-versa. It’s the shadow-play that’s interesting and mysterious. There are wonderful things going on in our world, but there are also very sinister things occurring.

Think of the European Renaissance. It was an era of intense creativity. But don’t forget that it was also a time of great suppression by the Roman Catholic Church. The Spanish Inquisition was setup in 1478 and was highlighted (or perhaps lowlighted) by the atrocities of Torquemada.

I think we have, indeed, entered an era of darkness.  But Is there a birth-process stirring underneath all this ugliness? Is there a new day of benevolence and creativity on the rise? Paradoxically, I think so.

The motion of nature
is cyclic and returning.
Its way is to yield,
for to yield is to become.
All things are born of being;
being is born of non-being.
–Tao Te Ching

So, let us wait and be patient. Days of peace and prosperity will return, just as sure as the pains of childbirth inevitably give way to a joyous new life.

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