Two Eyes Of The Daimon

Two Eyes Of The Daimon

In the midst of thunder, there are two eyes: one for time and one for eternity. In tandem, they see the ubiquitous depths of man’s affliction. Once I saw, as you see, a great dearth in the land. Asphyxiating gas held me in its sway, and the Sun swallowed the sky.

I looked and beheld, within the deluge, the dross of ignorance slowly abating. Fire overwhelmed the green stars. From charred remains, I saw blue slivers of night fall upon the ground.

The waters above my head,
Lest they wash over me.
I descend,
Into the formless deep.

I stood at the edge of the universe and watched as bolts of lightning flashed upwards and entered my body. A gaping chasm yawned at my feet and expelled its energy. Never had I witnessed such an infusion of power. Then I looked and saw a burning red sphere ascend from the Abyss. It engulfed me in its miserable, glowing intensity.

From below.
Whirring, humming,
Breathing, pulsating,
Rising up,
Past layers of ignorance.

I was immersed in a vortex of power. The root of humanity, blazing, circumambulated me. I fell on my face, prostrate, and was frozen.

When I awoke, I was atop a high cliff. Below me lay a great river, which followed a serpentine path down the cobra’s back, shining in the noonday night, as if diamonds were being swept along its bed. At any moment, lightning might break the dullness of the day and bring with it wreaths of hoary rain to pound, to tantalize, the living creatures within.

I witnessed this, from my perch, high above the fray. The dynamic fixated my gaze. My ears stood on edge, awaiting the next articulation. There was a strange aroma in the air, almost garlic, not quite cinnamon. It lingered for a moment and then rushed away with ferocity. Suddenly, an energy spoke with a voice so soft I could almost see it. It reminded all that autumn was now quite near and that the green shoots we were witnessing would last forever.

At this, the river began to spiral and coil. The movement was at once exciting and interesting. I longed to reach out and touch it, but I feared its shiny fangs. They were arrows and bows, ready to spring at the throat. Even with my armor about me, I dared not move, for I would regret any passivity on my part.

Much sunlight passed before I looked again into the rocky valley. A white mist had ascended from the vernal seascape and enveloped the cobra, now ready to pounce if anything dared breach its boundaries.

Giddy with delight, I lost sight of the dynamic and fell into a terrible maelstrom that had formed just above me. I whirled round and round for several years before alighting upon the cobra’s back. Finding myself in this position, I was amazed at how uncomfortable it was. It was as if I had been born to ride the serpent all along.

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