Life Is As It Is

Life Is As It Is

What exactly does it mean “to become?” It is change, of course, activity, movement from one state to another. It is a flower closed that turns and opens to the rays of the sun. It is the metamorphosis of a moth into a brilliant butterfly.

We can’t help but become. We are constantly changing. We don’t need to strive; it is automatic.

If the saying, Tat Tvam Asi (Thou Art That), written in the Upanishads is at once true, then what is it I need to become? It seems that becoming is just an illusion created by our enculturation. The whole idea of striving toward an endpoint, ala Teilhard De Chardin, is a mistake. Development in a linear fashion seems to be very important to Western culture, but linearity is a flawed view of things.

I am that, so there is no need for me to strive. I am that I am. I am already what I was meant to be. There is no further need for development or action.

By making the statement, I am that, I recognize I cannot know the Unknowable. I know what I can know, i.e. the knowable. The unknown cannot be known with that which is known. So, if I am to know the Unknowable, I cannot know it with my brain.

All that remains is a tremendous sense of tremendous mystery. Life simply is as it is. There is no amount of intellectual understanding we can arrive at that will change anything.

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