Thoughts Arise

Thoughts Arise

Sitting here at my desk, trying to write something, not necessarily for you, dear reader, but for me. I find that the act of writing is illuminating. I receive insight into myself as thoughts come into consciousness and are typed onto this page. I close my eyes and listen to what might come next.

I think of stream-of-consciousness writing, which I have attempted before. It’s a good practice because it emanates directly from the unconscious mind. I can read it as symbolic communication from my deep inner self. I can attempt to understand it, but that’s not always important. The feelings I have when the images arise take precedence. In the same way art moves the soul, so do images painted by the unconscious.

To me, images are the key to understanding both ourselves and the universe in general. But, understanding is not a good word for it because it carries the implication of thorough and exact meaning, as in science. I am not of the opinion that such knowledge can be attained concerning the psyche. Not ultimately, anyway. I see knowledge being gleaned through more of a phenomenological approach.

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