One thought on “The Meaning Of Life In Three Words

  1. Not sure I do either.Ive read your previous few posts about the question about meaning and was very impressed. Great ideas and great writing style too.I like to contrast the meaning of life with the purpose of life. As you say our quest for meaning is a consequence of our lack of in-ness in experience, if I summarise aright. We sense our exile, our condition of alienation from true belonging and then ask for meaning regarding a condition which itself is sick, a question we wouldnt ask otherwise.I also have problems with the logic of the question regarding life’s meaning. Meaning is definition, comparing one thing with another and characterising it in its light. But to what can we compare and contrast life, since it’s all we know, and is the great one thing that encompasses all. There is nothing outside of it against which it can be understood. Even death is integral to life, and anyway, death is just the negation of the experience of life, not something different to it.Scientists try to stand outside life I think, but I think its very ambitious a plan. Can they do it? They may think they can, but aren’t they doing this which they take to be a standing outside of life only by shrinking life, in the form of their understanding of life, down into a rationalised form upon which they can then direct their classifying, meaning-finding attentions as if from a vantage point that they deem to be outside of it. But they still constitute life, they and their mental perspectives and processes. So it is life looking at life, so no meaning necessarily can be found.Purpose is easier to deal with I think. And in any case I often feel that people confuse the two, and are really referring to purpose when they speak about meaning.Purpose is what we say it is; and that which we say it is reveals what kind of a person we are.Sorry for the long comment…Nice background pic..where’s it of?Regards

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